London is...

The flight to London was quick and pleasant. Except for the Asian man sitting next to me. He smelled and he stuffed a rollie suitcase in the area in front of his seat!!! Anyhow, half of that luggage started invading my leg room area!!! Other than that, I watched two chick flicks, napped for two hours, and I was in London! So much faster than flying back to Hong Kong!

So far, London is alot like Hong Kong, all the road signages and the buses are exactly the same! Second, sales people are not very nice and not very helpful. I paid with a credit card today at the grocery and the lady behind the counter expected me to take out my own pen to sign it!  Other than that, I was pleasantly surprised by my Sunday Roast dinner, in many ways... for one, it was very delicious, and two, it was very huge and I finished it all!!!

I also had the pleasure to stay with my friend Saaleha and her family on my first night on this Island. Saaleha made me guest baskets, full of foods and goodies! So I recharged, hung out with the kids, had great Indian grill food Saturday night and a big Sunday breakfast!

 first glimpse of daylight on my way to London
 Saaleha Mimi and her baby daughter Hawaa
 Saaleha is the best host ever, she made me baskets of goodies!!! I'm eating the chocolate peanuts right now!
 Saaleha helping Umar with his shoes.. and looking a bit crazy at the same time.. =p
 Our Indian feast!!! Which included somosas, mango lassi, naan, a mountain of tandoori meats, roghan josh, salad, crispy chip thingy.. yum
 Next is the big Sunday breakfast with the family!
 On the way to the dorm apartment by Regent's Park
King's Cross.. Wa!!!!

To see more pictures, come here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150624322845332.681232.624635331&l=7d6170247f

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