Using your phalanges

Humm, this is my first posting but I don't really have much to say. But I'm saying them with my skin covered phalanges.. and it's not that bad. Getting ready for bed, because work won't allow you to skip it... Weekends are always one day too short. I propose 3 days weekend every weekends. People are at work for 10 hours a day anywayz.. If you work in consulting, even though your physical being, aka your growing ass, is sitting in front of the computer the whole day, u know that not all that hours are chargable/ billable, thus you have to stay there even longer, and be more unproductive. I'm basically watching my life withering away at work, not doing something I truly believe in. Are there people out there with jobs they actually care about? I wonder.
Sorry, this is not much of an adventure as I have promised in my blog title. My phalanges did some dragon boating today, and that was fun and exhausting.. but they stinked like salty water from the bay, because the H20 was the salty water from the bay, though the place is called LAKE Merced..
aight, goodnite everyone.

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MoJo said...

hehe^^ i can't believe you've actually signed up to blogger... !

hopefully u'll continue to post *grins*

then i can know what's happening over there =)