Almost a year later

Wow, it's been a year since my last blog and that was some depressing sht. Situation at work doesn't seem to be getting any better. I'm getting less motivated by the minute. oh well.. suck it up.

I don't have much profoundness to preach. I saw some teenages at a food court today, and they look like babies. I didn't think I looked a baby when I was 16.. but that was almost 8 yrs ago..

Time sneaks up on you and steals from you before you notice. Must act fast...

I didn't do any major travelling last year. However, I did get in touch with nature several times, went without showers for three days while camping, woke up in 26F coldness from a tent, saw amazing tufas, hiked in search of elks, and was awed by their stern posture and blinded by their white butts (their bodies have three colors!!) . I went to NYC, Quebec, Montreal (Canada is a much more pleasant place to be), Galena, Tahoe (winter and summer), Vegas, LA... I thought about going to Japan and Australia..

I'm too timid and indecisive to do any major life changes right now. I think I want to stop work and travel, but reality smacks me in the face and tells me to suck it up and get back to work. I think I'm going to London this summer because my boyfriend's mother is going to give a presentation there (she just got her PhD.) and kids can always smooch of parents, so at the least, Jason and I will have our meals covered.. =) And that would be my first time ever in Europe!!!

I signed up to volunteer at a children's museum to help with wall murals and set building and alike... I need some new activities besides going to work and hanging out...
aight, peace

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